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6 Rules For Fat Loss

Fat loss is an interesting topic. Everyone has their own method and rules for it. Don’t eat this. Don’t train that.
Those rules work for them. They don’t work for everyone.
One of the keys to fast fat loss is understanding your goal. The goal of fat loss is to look good.
When done right, you can increase strength and muscle size.
The flip side is a lot of muscle wasted and you end up feeling like crap.
After years of testing these methods on myself and my clients, I have come up with 6 rules that stand out above the rest.
1. Rest Less
If your goal is to burn fat then your rest period should reflect that. Resting for 2 minutes after performing 10 reps doesn’t cut it.
Let’s say you perform 10 reps or even 15. That takes around 20-30 seconds to complete.
If you rest for 2 minutes, that’s 4 times longer than it took to complete the set. Far from optimal. That means that at most you are only working out for ¼ of your time in the gym.
Long rest periods have their place but most of us have lives we need to get back to. We are short on time and want to be in and out after 30-45 minutes.
I like to keep rest periods between 30-90 seconds depending what I have done.
2. Metcon
This ties in with resting less. My metabolic conditioning workouts in SHRED21 are for ultimate fat loss in less than 30 minutes. These work due to their ability to boost your metabolism, increase fat burning hormones, and burn more total calories. This sure beats wandering around the gym for an hour trying to decide what exercise to do next for chest.
Try this:
60 seconds of pull ups
50 seconds of push ups
40 seconds of squat jumps
60 seconds of leg raises
50 seconds of med ball slams
40 seconds of burpees
As fast as possible.
3. Add a finisher
I love adding finishers to my workouts. I see it as one last shot at getting the absolute most from my workout.
These will often burn more calories and provide more benefits than my actual workout!
HIIT sessions are great separate to my normal workouts. Although, I will tag an extra 10-15 minutes onto my workout and go for gold.
Try these finishers:
Deadmill Sprints: Turn the treadmill off and sprint flat out for 20 seconds. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for 10 rounds.
Deadmill and Burpees: As above but increase the rest period to 90 seconds. In each rest period, perform burpees. The first round will be 10 burpees, the second will be 9. Keep going until you reach 1.
Battle Rope Slams: Jump and slam as fast as possible for 25 seconds. Rest for 40, repeat 8 times.
Cycle and Overhead Press: Sprint on the bike for 25 seconds. Immediately jump off and grab some dumbbells. Complete 40 overhead push presses and get straight back on the bike. Repeat for 5 rounds and record your time.
4. Always move
Your rest periods are great for recovering but there is a more useful way of using that time.
Research has shown that staying active during your rest period has a long host of benefits. These include, fat loss, increase of muscle gain, and strength increases.
This is a key protocol I include in my SHRED21 42DAY workouts.
Next time you hit the gym try adding in 30-60 seconds of running, skipping, or abs. If you are training legs, you could add bicep curls or leg raises.
Your active time in the gym is already limited, don’t waste anymore.
5. Perform compound exercises
Large compound exercises should already make up the bulk of your workout.
When it comes to fat loss, these larger movements will burn more calories. The reason is they use more muscle. The more muscles required for a movement means more energy used.
Large exercises such as a deadlift have an amazing effect on anabolic hormone levels. Yet another reason to include them.
I still like to perform isolation work. When I do, I generally super set these or perform a giant set. This keeps me active and the calories burning.
6. Be consistent with everything else
Going hard in the gym is one thing. Backing it up with sleep, nutrition, supplementation, and recovery is another.
Knowing when to eat and what to eat are vital for fat loss. What’s even more vital is knowing how to sustain your hard-earned results.
All too often, we follow a plan, get great results, and then what? There is no plan. We can’t keep dieting forever but if we add food back to fast we will get fat right? What if we add the wrong foods? Even fatter!
By controlling your workouts, nutrition, and rest, you will not only look amazing. You will perform better than ever and get to keep everything you have worked so hard for.
This is the cornerstone of SHRED21. It’s not about the fat loss you experience. It’s not about getting fitter and stronger than ever. It’s about maintaining those results for as long as you want and not putting the fat back on.
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Is This The Fastest Way To Burn Fat?

Almost everybody has tried to lose those extra pounds at some point in their life and most never reached their ideal weight. Blame it on genetics, work, environment, whatever. There is an effective way to lose weight that not many people at the gym are actually doing.musclevsfat
Why? Because its intense. Most people hit the bench press or the ab stations in hopes to get buff and tone down but these exercises often won’t provide you with the results you desire.

Many people jump on the treadmill or bicycle machine and go a reasonable pace for around 45 minutes just like we were taught in school or by the personal trainer straight out of uni. Many people spend a lot of time running or cycling due to fact that it does burn a lot of calories however, once you step off the treadmill you unfortunately stop burning calories as well. Another problem with this, apart from the fact its long and boring is that this sort of exercise produces cortisol AKA the “stress” hormone. Cortisol is actually a catabolic hormone that can result in muscle wasting. If you are just trying to lose fat and not build muscle this may not bother you but if you are looking get ripped, strong, look good, and have a low body fat percentage you may be interested in what is High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.

Is this the fastest way to burn fat?

HIIT involves a working out at a very high intensity for short amount of time with minimal rests. HIIT works by pushing your body to its limits but not letting it fall in to a steady state or steady speed. To get an idea of how HIIT works I will share with you what I do at the gym to shed fat.

I always do this at the end of the workout otherwise I won’t have any energy to perform my other exercises. I use the bicycle machine and will ride for around about 15 minutes. Once my legs are warmed up I set the resistance nearly as high as it will go (we have electronic bikes with a resistance of around 22). I will then peddle sprinteras hard as I possible can for 30 seconds followed by 90 seconds of slow peddling at level 1 or 2. I will do that 8 times. My only rest is the 90 seconds and when I finish. For those 30 second intervals I am going as hard as I possibly can forcing my body to engage my super fast twitch muscle fibers and promoting growth of more. I will do this 3 times a week and when you add up those 30 second intervals you are only doing 12 minutes of cardio a week. It doesn’t take long but you will see results!

So why does this sort of exercise burn fat in less time? Post Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. This means you will not only burn calories during the workout but when you finish you will keep burning calories for another 24 hours.
My favourite reasons are that this sort of excercise can reduce age related telemore shortening which pretty much means the cells in your body won’t age as quickly therefore you will not age as quickly meaning your body will continue to look younger for longer. Another reason is that this sort of exercise forces your body to create lots of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This is the hormone that creates muscle and burns fat fast.

To better understand how HIIT works we must understand the different types of muscle fibers in the body.

Slow (red, oxygen-rich muscle)
Fast (also red muscle that oxygenates quickly, but is five times faster than the slow fibers)
Super-fast (white muscle fibers that contain far less blood and mitochondria)
Super-fast is the only muscle fiber that has a major impact HGH production. Most people whether they are body builders or marathon runners only train their slow twitch muscle fibers which can actually cause your fast twitch fibers to decrease.
Explosive power training plyometrics engage your fast twitch but not your super-fast twitch fibers.
Super-fast fibers are activated when performing the above workout resulting in an increased production of the HGH.

Most people who perform the above exercise will often notice the following results:

1. Improved athletic speed and performance
2. Lower body fat percentage
3. Firmer, younger looking skin with less wrinkles
4. Improved muscle tone
5. Increased sexual desire and energy

Don’t fall victim to sales pitches from people offering synthetic versions of the HGH as this is not the same and can be dangerous. If your body can produce it, don’t inject it.