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How To Be A Kick Ass Personal Training Client!

I train clients online and in person. I scored my first client over 5 years ago. I was stoked.

I had a client that was excited and followed my advice. He got results.

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But then I had clients that didn’t get results…I was confused. I had this perfect method of getting a couple of people shredded that didn’t work on everyone. I couldn’t see past my own bias of training plans and protocols.

So I became a better coach and learned new skills. Skills that would propel me into magazines such as Men’s Health and Women’s Health and Fitness.

But still I had clients who weren’t getting results. Clients then felt bad. I felt guilty.

This lead to mixed emotions and radical protocols.

It doesn’t have to be that way and I’m going to tell you why.

How to be a kickass client…

1: Have a clear goal.

It’s hard to work towards something when we don’t know what it is.
I’m guilty of suggesting goals for people. These sound great in my head but to you they are ok…so you nod and go along.

The thing is…this goal isn’t yours. It’s an idea I had. It was my idea of what I thought you wanted. If you don’t have a goal except to be healthy, then be 100% honest about that. That removes the stress for both of us. No longer are we chasing a number on a scale because you thought that’s I wanted and I thought that’s what you wanted.

2: Lie to me
Just kidding. Don’t do that. Do the opposite. Clients lie every day…well, not all but some.
I need to know if you stuffed up. You eat ice cream every day but you don’t tell me…not good. I need to know that.

I won’t scold you for it. I LOVE icecream! If I’m trying to help you lose weight and you’re eating an extra 600 calories each day, I start to feel guilty because you’re not getting results. You feel guilty. We all feel guilty.

You worry I’ll be disappointed in you. I’m worried you’ll be disappointed in me…be honest.
I won’t be mad I promise. We all slip up. We all love treats. It’s life.
Instead, let’s create a strategy to include ice cream or figure out why you are eating it in the first place.

3: Don’t set your expectations too high…
Have goals but be real. You’ve never trained before and now you want to train 6 days per week? You won’t. Could you do 5? Possibly. What about 4? Definitely.
How about a 4 day training program with an extra day for when you can. Now we are being realistic.

Meal prep is boring. I hate it. You won’t see inspirational meal prep photos on my Instagram. I guarantee that!
If I suggest prepping meals and you hate cooking. Don’t agree to prep 40 meals. Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Also, don’t tell me you can if you won’t. Be honest with me and yourself.

4: Be open to everything…except Sauna pants.

To make change, we need to change. Doing the same thing will get us no where but where we are. When I say vegetables and you say “NEVER”, that leaves us in a pickle (see the PUN lol).
You may hate vegetables, but do you? Or do you just hate boiled broccoli. I do. It’s gross.

What about Char siu pork stir-fry with broccoli? I’ve never had it. Let’s try it. You never know.

If we rule out everything we have never tried, our lives will be motionless and boring. Be bold and take a walk on the wild side.
But hey if you really hate something, tell me. Be honest. That’s what I want.

The key point here is to be honest with me. Tell me you messed up. Tell me you won’t do what I suggest. Tell me you prefer this method. Tell me the truth.
It’s easy. You can never be mad at someone for telling the truth.
If you’re honest with me, I learn how to coach better. I think of more options. I research things that may help you and those to come.
If you’re honest with me, I can get you what you want. Results.

If you want to be kick ass client who wants to be open, honest and committed and you want a coach who is open, honest, and committed, then click below.

You can book 15 minutes with me. Tell me what you need. I can see if I can help. If I feel we are a great match then I’ll offer you a spot as my client. If I feel you would be better suited with someone else, I’ll tell you.
Same goes for you. If you feel I’m not the one for you, tell me. Simple as that.

When we are honest, we’re happy.