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5 Advanced Transformation Strategies For Men

1. Perform High Frequency Metabolic Resistance Training

Most people will often perform resistance training or weight training. That’s a given. However, most people don’t train often enough or with the right intensity.
Gone are the days of the traditional body part split of legs, chest, arms, shoulder, and back. We know that Is obsolete. What we know now is that metabolic resistance training and pairing agonist and antagonist muscles together provides a far greater stimulus within the muscle.
Multiple studies and many transformations have proven that by pairing certain muscle groups together and hitting them twice or three times per week have shown more fat loss and an increase in muscle mass due to increased protein synthesis.

2. HIIT It

Give yourself 10 minutes to get your cardio done and you will reap the benefits by drastically reducing bodyfat, increasing muscle glycogen storage, and promoting GH secretion.
You can often burn more calories from 10 minutes of HIIT than an hour of boring steady state.
The problem, most people aren’t doing real HIIT. They are doing MIIT or medium intensity interval training. From experience and studies, the best ways to perform HIIT are by performing movements that allow the body to move as fast as possible. Kettle bell swings and jump squats don’t make the cut. They fall into the MIIT group.
We want sprints, battle ropes, cycle sprints, or the rower to achieve optimal increases in muscle mass and decreases in fat mass.

3. Take Caffeine

Most fat burners aren’t worth a dime. They are loaded up with crap like green coffee bean extract and harmful chemical stimulants.
Caffeine is one ingredient that is excellent for athletes.
Caffeine has been shown time and time again to improve power, fat oxidation, energy and focus, and decrease fatigue.
Caffeine has also shown to boost recovery by promoting blood circulation.

4. Get Better Sleep

Yep this one is boring but how many times have you slept like crap and felt invigorated when you hit the gym? Not many.
Apart from a severe decrease in energy output and a tendency to skip the gym, poor sleep also increases hunger and cravings, reduces your metabolism, increases cortisol levels and decreases anabolic hormones, and tends to make you less active throughout the day.
If you are missing hours of sleep then you can see it will have a major impact on your physique.
Proper sleep can boost GH and Testosterone which will aid in muscle gain and fat loss.
Increase your sleep quality by supplementing with ZMA and/or Arnold’s Iron Dream. Try and avoid any strong lights before bed as these disrupt your melatonin levels and can ruin your sleep.

5. Cycle Your Calories

Calories matter and you can’t just eat the same amount every day. Training legs will require a higher demand of energy than hitting an arms session. By tailoring your carb levels around your workout split, you can optimize fat loss whilst retaining or building muscle.
The same goes depending on which phase of your training you completing. As you get closer to your deadline your calories will change.
If this is a bulk then of course you will be eating more because you are bigger and the opposite applies if you are losing fat.