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HIIT Cardio Blaster

Cardio can be dull. It can even be ineffective.

Most trainers will have you doing burpees and skipping and call that cardio. That’s cool but I think my cardio is better.

Just because your heart rate is up does not mean you are doing HIIT. HIIT requires an all out effort. Very few exercises can actually achieve the result that HIIT is designed to deliver.
See below my squat jumps have a twist to them. For one, I am using a TRX cable to propel me higher. Try it. It’s great for not only burning fat but also building that teardrop muscle (vastus medialis) that we all love. By using the TRX cables, I can also get a lot deeper into the squat allowing me to recruit more muscle fibres and increase the distance I need to travel. By using my arms to assist, I can get higher and incorporate more muscles.

I also picked the rower, cycle, and battle ropes because they allow me to go all out and leave nothing in the tank.

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