Sneaky Ways You Can Eat Healthier

Eating healthy can be a challenge. Whether you’re a parent or a full-time executive (or both), it can be hard to maintain a healthy diet. Here are some sneaky ways you can eat healthier, without feeling a rabbit.

Throw A Cup Of Veggies Into Your Soup
Since you were a kid, you know that greens are good for you. So why don’t you eat more of them? You don’t have to have a bowl of salad every day because, in all honesty, that’s boring as hell. Rather than do your best rabbit impersonation, throw a cup of frozen or fresh veggies into a hearty cup of soup, add some spinach to your scrambled eggs, and if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, why not grab a zucchini and slice it into thin spaghetti style slices, and actually throw it in with your spaghetti. It is actually delicious, trust me.  Jessica Spendlove, dietitian for GWS Giants, has the perfect advice for those who would like to inject more veggies into their diet. “One example of how to eat healthier is to make sure salad or vegetables (not including non-starchy) are taking up at least 50% of your meal at lunch and dinner. Salad or vegetables should always be the biggest component on your plate at main meals. Focusing on this helps to ensure you are getting adequate vitamin, minerals and antioxidants in your diet. These foods are also rich in fibre which is important for bowel health and appetite control.” Find out more about Jessica Spendlove by following her on Instagram and Twitter.

Slice Bananas And Pop Them On Your Morning Cereal
Start your day off right by slicing some banana onto your cereal. Bananas are one of the best foods for creating energy, and they are low GI, meaning that you’ll be working with more energy for longer. Plus, they are also a great source of potassium and heaps of vitamins, so give one a slice!

Avoid Buying Fast Food
It’s a tricky one to accomplish, but if you find yourself often eating fried foods for lunch, you may need to consider taking it out of your diet. Lou from Lunch Lady Lou has the perfect advice for those who would like to cut out fatty fast food from their diets. “Learn to cook. Now we all have some level of cooking skills but it’s the confidence we lack that can leave us grabbing for packet products or takeaway too often. Cooking is an important life skill that will help you transform a meal from rabbit food to delicious that’s still good for you.” Find out more about Lunch Lady Lou by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

Drink More Water
It’s no surprise that water is good for you, but it’s really a crucial part of becoming healthier in your diet. Drinking water is not only good for your skin, but it fills you up. Water can keep you feeling fuller, making you want to eat less and feel fuller for longer. If you’re at your desk, grab a water bottle and sip away. Once your bottle is empty, head to the tap and fill it up again. It’s cheap, it’s healthy and it’s easy to access. If you prefer your water icy cold, keep a bottle chilling in your wine fridge, so when you’re thirsty, your water is nice and crisp.

Take Things Slow
A secret to eating healthier without even knowing it is by eating at a slower pace. Personal trainer Ethan Hyde, the creator of Shred 21, offers his advice for those who chomp their food down too fast. “The first thing I teach people in my coaching is the concept of eating slow and to 80% full. This is so powerful yet underappreciated by most as we all want meal plans and shakes to fix our problems. The cause of people eating unhealthy or gaining weight comes back to behaviours and habits. These 2 habits set the foundation for introducing the next habits we focus on.” Find out more about Ethan by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean having to become a salad obsessed nut; you can still enjoy your regular food, just cut it back a bit. It doesn’t take a lot, and you can easily sneak these healthy habits into your daily life!

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