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8 Uncommon Must Have Exercises in Your Fat Loss Program

Fat loss comes down to 3 things. Exercise, nutrition, and recovery.

When all three of these are in sync, you will notice massive results. If one is off, the triangle won’t function.

Recovery and nutrition are major factors in fat loss. If you can’t fuel and recover properly, you can’t expect to perform in the gym.

Here are 8 uncommon exercises that you need to recover from because they are that effective.

This is a list of exercises that deliver the most bang for their buck. They are multi-jointed exercises that are very calorie expensive. Not only that, research shows that explosive, full-body moves improves testosterone and growth hormone levels. These are essential muscle building hormones that every guy wants to optimize. You won’t see traditional exercises such as a deadlift or squat in there. These are already part of your program.


1: Pull-Ups:

These aren’t exactly an uncommon exercise in the sense that everyone knows what they are. The uncommon part about is, you hardly ever see anyone doing then. Or at least doing them for reps with added weight. Pull-ups are one of the best exercises you can do for you hormone levels and adding serious mass to your back. Add extra weight and you are pretty much telling everyone that you are too strong for you own body. Include pull-ups in your program at least twice a week and watch the fat melt away.


2: Dumbbell Snatch:

The dumbbell snatch is one of the best full body exercises you can do. You start with a heavy weight on the floor and launch it over your head. This exercises requires a massive transfer of power. This activates an incredible amount of muscle units. This exercise can either be done with a barbell or a dumbbell. I like using a dumbbell for the extra work my core needs to do to stabilize a heavy weight above one side of my body. I then lower the weight and change sides.

The snatch has also been shown to:

Reduce injury

Increase range of motion

Increase full body stability

Not only that, the strength gained is easily transferred to other movements.

If you look at most Olympic lifters you will notice these guys are jacked. Do what they do and you too will be jacked.


3: Clap Push Ups:

Clap push ups, like the snatch, are an explosive movement. Explosive bursts require your type IIB muscle twitch fibres to respond. These are the largest muscle fibres in the body and when trained, they pump up. This is because they draw more fluid into the muscle. Along with adding size, these muscle fibres need energy, and lots of it. If you have repped out 20 push ups, you’ll know it leaves you pumped. Rep out 8 clap push ups and you will be gasping for air and dripping with sweat. Clap push ups need more energy making it harder to recover from. Your body will then need more oxygen over the next 24 hours to facilitate this recovery. This is known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.


4: Deadball (medicine ball) Slams:

Have you ever slammed a ball as hard as you could at the ground? One rep of your best effort will leave you gasping. Like a snatch, take a heavy ball from the ground and swing it above your head. Slam this ball with all your might into the ground. You have just used all the major muscles in your body. Your legs, chest, shoulders, core, and back have come together to deliver a devastating blow. Grab that ball and deliver another 10 blows to the ground or until you can no longer move. This is a favourite exercise of mine. Give it shot and you will understand why.

Use a tabata timer and slam as fast as possible for 20 seconds. Make sure every slam is with all your power. Rest for 10 seconds and complete another 8 times.


5: Renegade Rows:

Renegade rows are very rarely seen performed in gyms. It is an incredibly intense compound exercise. Renegade rows build strength and power, all whilst melting fat.

Renegade rows build extreme power in the back and core. Performing a row in a plank position requires your entire body to work together. You start in a high plank position gripping two dumbbells. This move alone requires core strength and shoulder stability. As you row one dumbbell up, the exercise becomes more intense. It pulls down on your shoulder and your hip immediately wants to rotate to relieve the tension in your core. By resisting this, all off your upper body muscles and even your legs, will fire up to keep you in proper position. I like to pick a heavy weight and aim for 6-8 reps each side.


6: Prowler Sled

The prowler sled is one exercise that should be in everyone’s fat loss program. It increases your strength and power, boosts athletic performance and sheds fat. You can push it, pull it, drag it. You can sprint with it or load it up and build strength. Pushing a prowler sled forces your shoulders and abs to stabilize whilst your legs drive forward. This exercise uses almost every muscle in the body. The more muscles used = greater calorie expenditure.
Try this:

Load the sled with 20-30kg.

Sprint as fast you can for 40 seconds.

Rest for 1 minute.

Repeat 10 times.


  1. Tyre Flip

Nothing looks cooler than flipping a massive tractor tyre. You can pick one up for free from old farms or for a small fee. Stick it in your back yard and you have everything you need to get shredded.

The tyre flip is like a deadlift. If your goal is to reveal a shredded back and build functional strength, get flipping. Due to amount of strength needed to pick up, this one definitely makes the list of fat burning exercises.

If you are short on room, this is what I do. Flip the tyre, jump inside the tyre then jump out to the other side. Flip it back the way you came. You have now included a calorie expensive jump to go with your heavy lift.

Set yourself a time and go for gold.
8: Burpee

Ah, the burpee. We hate it. We hate it because it works. Nothing is more functional that being able to jump up from a lying position. The problem is people don’t do it enough to get good at it. Like a deadlift, you can’t do it once and expect to master it. Practising the burpee allows you to become more efficient at doing it. The more efficient you are, the more explosive power you will use.

Try and drop to the ground as fast as possible. If you drop to a push up position then lower yourself down, you will lose valuable time and energy. Be as explosive as possible. Include it as part of superset for maximum gains. Burpee pull ups are a great way to incorporate explosive pushing movements with a strong pulling action.


The exercises listed above made the list for several reasons. They work multiple muscles groups. They require lots of energy to perform. They are explosive, and they are fun. I love trying new exercises to break up the monotony of the same old routine. Set yourself a goal to work towards to make things more of a challenge. This might be 5 one handed push ups, 12 pull ups, or completing 200 burpees in under 20 minutes. This will make your fat loss journey a lot more stimulating and you are more likely to see that shredded physique you are working towards.

Fat Loss Fitness

7 Steps To A Successful Workout Program

  1. What is the goal of your workout?

Before you hit the gym you need to know your goal. What is your purpose when you step inside the gym? Perhaps you are training at home. The same rule applies.

Depending on your goal will determine how your program is structured. If your goal is fat loss then the program will look different to a mass gain program.

Creating a fat loss program requires you incorporate super sets, drop sets, cardio, and short rest periods.

A mass gain program would have longer rest periods and limited cardio.

Click here for a FREE mass gain chest and back workout. Click here for a FREE fat loss chest and back workout.

  1. Plan a week ahead.

The people who don’t get results are the ones who don’t plan. They wander through the gym unsure of what exercise they will choose next. Chances are they are doing 3 sets of 10. The same rep range for the last 4 years.

Plan your workout a week prior. This allows you time to think in a relaxed state. Think of what exercise combinations you would like to try. Jump on Youtube for ideas or follow a proven workout program.

I plan mine with what I need to do. Not with what I want to do. This simply means, instead of planning in a day of bicep curls, I plan a day of sprints, pull ups, burpees, crazy super sets that scare me, and whatever else I need to do to reach my goal.

  1. Eat before your workout.

Have a solid meal prior to your workout. Food brings fuel. That fuel will allow you to train harder in the gym and keep catabolic hormones lower. If you train harder, you burn more fat and build more muscle. If you train fasted, your body needs to find fuel from somewhere. Most people would assume that will come from body fat.

True….sort of.

It also comes from amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. This is what muscle is made out. You are training your body to use muscle as fuel. I know I would rather use carbs.

Christian Thibaudeau put it like this, “Fasted cardio works, but only if you’re on performance-enhancing drugs to protect your muscle. Otherwise it stinks.”

Aim for a handful of carbohydrates and a palm sized protein source an hour prior to your workout. Choose fast digesting options such as, egg whites on a tortilla wrap. These won’t sit in your gut and leave you feeling heavy during your workout.

  1. Prioritize Compound Lifts

The more muscles used in a lift, the greater the calorie burn. Since we tend to go heavier on compound lifts, we ought to put them first when we have the most energy. Save the calf raises for the end of the workout.

The best compound lifts are:

  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Pull Ups
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Clean and Press
  1. Maximize Rest Periods

If your goal is fat loss, keep rest periods short. If your goal is mass then take a little longer. Say, 30-60 seconds longer at most.

By resting less, you have less time to recover. This pushes your body harder into a fat burning state where it will use more oxygen. The result is more calories burned.

When it comes to mass, take a little longer so you can come back and stress the target muscle as much as possible.

    1. Utilize Advanced Techniques

If you stick to 3 sets of 10 you will not succeed. Adding something as simple as a dropset can increase calorie burn on that exercise by over 30%. If your goal is to get shredded then you might even add a minute of cardio in between each set. The science is very clear that you will skyrocket your fat burning and even increase muscle gains with the added cardio.

Training for mass is exciting. Blood flow restriction training and intra-set stretching are my favourite techniques for this. Both techniques are extremely anabolic and force the muscle to adapt and grow bigger. These techniques are used in the later stages on SHRED21.

Here is how to perform intra-set stretching:

  1. Take the set to failure (12-15 reps)
  2. Stretch the muscle using the weight or machine you are using
  3. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.
  4. Rest for 30 seconds and do it again for 4 sets.

Tip: Choose an exercise that gives a good pump. This may be pec flys, leg extensions, bicep curls, hamstring curls, lateral pulldown, or overhead tricep extension.


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  1. Challenge Yourself

I always write a program that scares me. I want a program that I dread because it’s so effective. I then like to back it up with a program that is equally as hard. By Friday, I’m done.

If you always stick to your comfort zone, you will remain there.

One way to challenge yourself is to shorten rest periods to 30 seconds (use a stopwatch) and on the last set of every exercise, perform a triple dropset. This means you will take the last set to failure, drop the weight and keep going, drop it again, then drop it once more. This set may last around 40 reps. You will know all about it at the end.

Another great way to add intensity is to pick 2-5 exercises. Complete 5-10 reps of each exercise and repeat the circuit as many times as possible in a given time period (15 minutes). This will not only challenge you physically, but also mentally. Especially if you put burpees in there!

See the video below for another option.