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You Are On Your Way To Achieve That Shredded Physique You Desire!

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Introducing SHRED21

SHRED21 Ultimate Nutrition Guide ($37 value)

This complete guide provides all the information you need to get ripped. This guide will breakdown the principles and methods that put this program together.
Discover how to calculate your calories to drop fat and how to calculate them to maintain your new ripped physique.

You will also learn how to optimize your training to avoid hitting the all too common plateau. This ensures your body will keep building muscle and dropping fat.

I personally use this when I have only 21 days to get lean. This may be for a photo-shoot or simply for the beach. If I didn’t use it, I wouldn’t tell you to.

21 Days is how long it takes to get results. But what about after that?

That’s where the Reverse Dieting 21 Days comes into play. For a total of 42 days, you will be working on dropping bodyfat and keeping it off for good!

42 Day Training Program ($37 Value)

Burn Over 900% More Fat!

This program has proven results. For 42 days you will use proven strategies to build a strong RIPPED body that you get to keep.

These are advanced workouts that you won’t see anyone else doing.

If you are still doing the old chest and triceps, back and biceps, then you need to rethink your training. We now know there is a much more efficient way to build muscle!

Leave no stone unturned and use stretching, specialised cardio, and metabolic resistance training to get the results YOU WANT!

Express Gym HIIT Workouts ($17 Value)

30 Minute Fat Burning Workouts

We know that workouts don’t have to be long to BURN FAT. Give yourself 30 minutes and increase your fat loss, functional performance, and strength.

Don’t be fooled by the length. Give them everything you’ve got and cherish the results!

Home HIIT Workouts ($17 Value)

No Gym? No Problem!

GET RESULTS AT HOME! Just because you can’t make it to the gym doesn’t mean you miss out on getting shredded.
Spare yourself 30 minutes and put in work. These workouts have delivered time and time again for my clients and they will for you to. Just be prepared to be gasping by the end of them.

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Cardio Guide ($17 Value)

Use Cardio To Increase Muscle Gains By 82%

Don’t do anymore cardio until you read this! This guide will show you how to stop wasting time in the gym with pointless cardio and focus on the only cardio that SCORCHES FAT.

Follow science and burn over 900% more fat than everyone else!

Advanced Training Principles ($17 Value)

Double Your Muscle Thickness!

No more boring 3 sets of 10. Discover the training principles the pros use and take your training to the next level. You won’t see many other people doing these because they are hard and they work!

Some of these principles have shown to DOUBLE MUSCLE THICKNESS in research studies.

Fat Burning Recipe Book ($12 value)

Don’t Eat Boring!

This ebook contains a handful of my favourite recipes. Just because you are restricting calories doesn’t mean you should restrict flavour.

Even if you suck at cooking, you will succeed with this. The cinnamon chicken is my favourite.

Bi-Weekly Food Chart ($12 value)

Motivation is key to succeeding.

Use this tool to make sure you stick to your meals and never fall off the bandwagon. Understanding how far you have come will help propel you further and ensure your results never ever stop coming.

How To Relax In 30 Seconds Or Less ($97 value)

How To Relax In 30 Seconds Or Less ($97 value)

Stress is one of the leading causes of fat gain. When cortisol is running rampant through our bloodstream, it can eat away at muscle and leave us looking skinny and weak as opposed to lean and strong.
By learning to relax instantly, you will not only be able to achieve your dream physique, you will also have the power to conquer anything life throws at you. This is a truly priceless gift on behalf of Beyond Sucess.