My Top Exercises To Build An Athletic Body

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14 Lunges To Build Mass And Torch Fat

Lunges get old quick. These variations pack a punch so your legs can’t help but grow!

You will blast your biceps, shoulders, and abs with these.

Your fast twitch muscle fibres will be activated to ensure fat loss and power.

Stability is king and these exercises will have you looking and performing like an athlete in no time.[/text_block]

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat With 5lb Dumbbells


Theses Are The Best Exercises To Use If You Want To Know How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat With 5lb Dumbbells

Just because a weight is light doesn’t mean it won’t work.

1. Overhead DB Pogo Jump
2. Jog With Side Raise
3. Front Raise Hold With High Knee Run
4. Squat Hold With Jab
5. Squat Hold With Side Raise
6. Plank With Front Raise
7. Plank With Rear Delt Raise

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds before resting for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.[/text_block]

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How To Get Abs Without Crunches

Crunches are ineffective. Here is how to get abs without crunches.

Planks have been shown to increase muscle activity far greater than crunches ever could.

These plank variations are harder than a standard plank for a good reason. We want to work harder for less time.
We also want to incorporate our obliques and upper abdominals as much as possible.

This increases energy expenditure and will burn more fat.

Build your abs with these variations in a quarter of the time.[/text_block]

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Do You Do Squats For Abs?

Utilise squats for abs with this insane combination.

Studies have shown holding dumbbells or weights on the front of the body not only activate your quads more, but your abs too.

Think you’re up for it?

Your shoulders, abs and legs will scream at you for doing this exercise.

Incorporate this into your next total body workout if you want insane results.[/text_block]


What I Wish I Was Told About Abs But Wasn’t

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Not Your Everyday Burpee

Blast your entire body with this fresh take on a burpee.

You will add mass to your shoulders, chest, legs, and strengthen your core along with building a physique that performs.[/text_block]

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AB Workout Backed By Science


Stop wasting time with crunches other mundane exercises.

These exercises have been backed by science to activate more muscle fibres than any other ab routine.

Just a warning: You may be sore.[/text_block]

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How to build chest muscles fast without equipment

Push Ups are one of the best exercises for chest but you know me, I like to take things one step further.

Bear crawl push ups will build chest muscles fast without equipment and get your abs burning at the same time.

Hit this one for as many reps as you can and let me know how your feeling at the end. My guess, sore but pumped![/text_block]


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